Yes, it’s yet another post about burgers and I don’t care, I love burgers!

This time around, it’s the incredibly popular American burger chain, Shake Shack in Las Vegas. Located as part of the New York-New York casino building, Shake Shack is right on the Las Vegas Strip. Their delicious menu can be found here.


Because I was staying at the same hotel at NYNY I had the opportunity to make several trips to the Shack to try as many of their offerings as I can. Over the course of 3 separate visits, yes three, I personally tasted the Double Smoke ShackShack Stack, and  Chick’n Shack with a portobello mushroom patty added. And when I had a couple of dining partners along on one of my trips they opted to go with the Shack Burger and  Single Smoke Shack. Side dish wise, we had the regular crinkle cut fries, as well as the cheesy version, along with a couple of their milkshakes and some “concrete”, essentially a cup of extra extra thick milkshake.


My first burger consumption was the double Smoke Shack and it was a welcoming first bite into what Shake Shack has to offer. Bun was fresh and soft, cheese was melted just right and on point, spices were good providing just enough of a kick but not overpowering, and the bacon was crisp and smokey. The biggest weakness of the burger was the patty itself, it felt a bit overcooked and dry. But the rest of the ingredients more than made up for it, the raw smokiness with the spicy flavour along scored this burger a 3.7 out of 5.0 in my mind.


Next up was the Shack Stack, which was a cheese burger with a portobello mushroom patty added. To say I’m a mushroom lover would lying, so it is probably no surprise that I was quite pleased with the Shack Stack burger. The angus beef patty was more juicy this time around than the one in the Smoke Shack burger and it improved the flavouring by a good parsec just by not being overcooked and dry. And the portobello mushroom had a crunchy fried shell while remaining tender and juicy on the inside, the sauce and juice oozing out of it engulfed the rest of the burger in an explosion of tastiness. A solid 4.2 out of 5.0 for this one.


Last up, but certainly not the least, was the chicken burger with a portobello mushroom patty added. To say I underestimated the size of this burger would be a massive understatement. The chicken was spot on with a crispy exterior while maintaining a juicy and tender interior. A dry piece of chicken breast this was not. And the portobello mushroom patty was even better this time around, I had no idea that was even possible given how great it was in the Shack Stack. Every good quality about it was turned up a notch, exterior was more crispy while the inside was even more juicy than it was on my first encounter. The only con I could put against this beauty would be the pickles that came with it. While it provided a nice contrast in flavour to complement the savoury components of the burger, the texture of the pickles did not quite fit in with the rest, in my opinion. Overall, it scores a good 4.0 out of 5.0 for me, but without the portobello mushroom add-on the score would be a 3.5 out of 5.0.


I was pleasantly surprised that Shake Shack was able to live up to all the hype I had heard about it coming into this encounter, nay, it surpassed all the hype and exceeded my already lofty expectations of it. Having tasted nearly the entire burger menu I can safely say that their burger game is ridiculous, everything looks gorgeous and tastes even better. And their unique twist of having one continuous bun, instead of the traditional open two-bun approach, helps to further distinguish themselves from competitors. In terms of the side offerings, the fries were great, not too salty and had the right amount of crispiness to them, I would opt to put some cheese on them to make them even better. Milkshakes were super thick, tasty, and not overly sweet, and the concrete shakes had huge chunks of ingredients mixed in, they didn’t skimp on anything with this one. In conclusion, I highly recommend going to a Shake Shack and indulge yourself if you’re lucky enough to have one nearby. You can’t go wrong with any of the items on their menu.

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