So this is my foray into the world of food blogging, excited! Let’s hope I can keep the posts coming consistently!

I decided today was the day (of the week) I’m going to treat myself to something special for lunch and made the trek to Bar Luca right here on 52 Phillip Street in the Sydney CBD. The weather looked beautiful, when I was still sitting in the office, it soon became a humid affair as soon as I stepped out onto the streets. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise though as the exercise helped prepare me for the feast that was about to be bestowed upon me.

Even though I was expecting great things as Bar Luca has always delivered, I was still surprised by how sneakily hefty the Bacon Bad was. It may not look as big as some of their other creations but it sure packs a mean punch! Consisting of wagyu patty, double cheddar cheese, streaky bacon, pickled jalapeños, bacon & maple jam, and smokey BBQ aioli.


The strong flavouring of the BBQ aioli was the first thing that hit my tastebuds as soon as I bit into it, and boy, was it good! Emphasis on the smokey part, it helped bring out the natural flavours of the bacon and the patty sitting marinated inside the burger. It felt like I was sitting in a mate’s backyard and enjoying some quality BBQ.

Bacon was the perfect amount of crispiness, greasiness, and overall taste. Thank heavens it was not overly chewy, not unlike a dog toy. I mean, I wouldn’t know what a dog toy chews like, that’s just what I’ve heard…..And the other meat component of the burger, the good ol’ wagyu patty, was cooked just right with a good amount of tenderness and juiciness left packed up in that protein attraction. On top of that, throw on some double cheddar and you’ve got a cheese fanatic like myself hooked! The cheese had the perfect amount of meltiness and stability to cover all the protein parts in a flavour shell while also not making a huge mess of the rest of your plate and/or yourself. And the jalapeños were a nice addition to the burger in terms of texture, they didn’t carry the usual hotness and spice that one usually expects, and that can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your personal preference. I didn’t mind it one way or another, the extra texture that it brought to the burger was nice but having a touch of the spice would’ve been nice to add to the mixture of flavours. Consider the jalapeños fence sat!

Lastly, my favourite part of the burger, the maple jam. Perhaps I am biased towards all things maple related due to Bar Luca’s other creation that they keep on their regular menu if you’re keen to try it out, the Blame Canada burger. Either way, the maple jam complemented the BBQ aioli perfectly, like Whitney and Bobby, without the domestic violence. The maple goodness somehow permeated throughout the entire burger, even on top of all the other strong flavours. And that’s always a good thing in my book.

For the #fbas folks, 4.3/5 pickles.

Another link to Bar Luca’s site –

Zomato Review



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